Chasing Generation Y? Get them on the (mobile) phone!

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Given researchers’ LOVE of statistics, here are a few interesting ones:

    • 9 : Average number of calls (incoming/outgoing) in a 48 hour period1

    • 27 : Average number of texts (sent /received) in a 48 hour period1

    • 3.7 : Number of apps used on a weekly basis1

    • 50 : Per centage of households led by 18 to 34 year olds, who have a cellphone and no landline 2

Cell phones, namely smartphones are here to stay. They are ingrained in our culture, and are a staple for most 18 to 34 year olds – a demographic notoriously difficult to reach through web panels and telephone surveys.

As marketing analysts, we are always on the hunt for ways to reach out to this elusive demographic – one such technique is through mobile surveys.  Prior to offering a service to our clients, Ad hoc Research tends to do extensive in-house testing. Here’s a quick overview of our experiences with mobile survey apps:

What we loved

    • The ability to upload pictures, video, and audio – an excellent tool for shopalongs, diaries, focus group homework... the possibilities are endless!
    • Bar code scanning– great for tracking consumption patterns.    Warning: this is only useful if you have a list of bar codes to compare against (we learnt that one the hard way).
    • GPS tracking­– interesting for tracking movement, and coordinating across large areas.

What we loved less

    • Response rate – convenience can be a doubleedged sword with a survey so easily accessible; people would put off completing the survey (even our own employees!)
    • Programmability – with any new type of technology or software comes a learning curve but our trusty programmer powered through and was able, in the end, to program the survey perfectly.

 1: Gartner, J.D. Power and Associates, com; Score via; (2012)

2. Statistics Canada, 2011

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