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29 juillet 2014

Gamification is coming up as a new trend for data collection, making the experience more enjoyable for the respondent while allowing the researcher to obtain higher quality data. But how does one go about creating this experience?

A game for research purposes is built around two simple criteria:

A game needs rules, that are simple, clear and few.
A game needs a goal that is made explicit from the start and is attainable by all players

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15 juillet 2014

Humans have played games since the dawn of time, as it is a means to have fun, to socialise, to compete and to build a reward system through progression, accomplishment and ultimately a win.

Gamification in market research strives to bring this natural human tendency to surveying, by applying game thinking and game mechanics to engage users in solving problems.

The idea behind it is to convert respondents into players, by offering not a survey but an experience. The key is that players don’t need to be tense nor mentally prepared before setting forth to play. We are not completing a survey in exchange for reward points or a chance to win an iPad. No, this is an experience we were born to enjoy!

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1 avril 2014

In almost all quantitative studies, the final sample is weighted to better account for the population it seeks to represent. A target population always has specificities, be it in terms of region, age, gender, or any other target characteristic (i.e.: consumption of some sort of yogurt or membership to some financial institution).

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