Happy or not?

My gym has acquired a new apparatus. It is not a training machine.

It’s a “feedback device”, to help clients rate their overall satisfaction by pushing smiley or “frowny” buttons.

The provider, “Happy or Not” claims to “Create a more satisfied customer” and “Deepen customer loyalty”. (www.happy-or-not.com ).

Does it?

While certainly not scientifically valid, it does show that the gym cares about its members’ satisfaction. It may also be a way to engage a conversation with gym-goers.

The problem here: There was no conversation to be had! As I pressed the happy green button when I entered and the grumpy red one when I left, there was no opportunity to tell anyone about the friendly greeting or the line-up at the showers.

In terms of increasing my satisfaction and loyalty, Happy or Not missed the mark. Without knowledge of the reasons behind my ratings, there is little that the gym can do.

I appreciate the effort. However, I am hoping for a follow up to this first attempt at collecting client feedback with a more thorough investigation of what makes members tick.

What are your thoughts? Can feedback devices be a stepping stone to increase client satisfaction?


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