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Kim Merckaert
Recruitment Screeners: Less is More

“[...] Simplicity is preferable to complexity; brevity in communication is more effective than verbosity.”

It’s unlikely that Robert Browning had market research in mind when he coined the phrase Less is more in the 1850s and provided the minimalist movement with a raison d’être. Nevertheless, the mantra can be applied in many a field, including qualitative research and more particularly, with recruitment screeners.

Having dealt with recruiting for thousands of focus groups, we’ve realized over and over again that simple, short recruitment screeners deliver better quality participants. When criteria are less confined, recruiters have a larger pool from which to draw potential participants, and can therefore be more rigorous regarding enthusiasm and articulateness of the recruits.

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Effortless advertising or how to make your message go around the world... for free

Viral videos have become the holy grail for all companies, organisations and foundations. It’s a low-cost way of getting your message out there, but most of all, it’s a very effective one. However, creating a viral campaign is not an easy task, and very few actually succeed.

So how come “The Ice Bucket Challenge” went around the world so quickly? And more importantly, how can its success be reproduced by others?

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Les émotions, au coeur de l'efficacité publicitaire

En 2007, Cadbury a lancé une pub virale, intitulée Le Gorille. Maintes fois primée, elle a notamment remporté le Grand Prix aux Lions de Cannes en 2008. Son impact a été spectaculaire. Les ventes du produit annoncé (Dairy Milk) ont augmenté de 9 % et les perceptions favorables à l’endroit de la marque ont grimpé de 20 points de pourcentage. Mais Le Gorille n’aurait peut-être jamais vu le jour s’il avait été prétesté en suivant les mesures d’efficacité traditionnelles. Pourquoi?

Parce que la plupart de ces mesures ne captent pas l’ingrédient clé qui a fait de cette publicité un succès planétaire : les émotions. Or, ces dernières jouent un rôle clé, les consommateurs n’étant pas aussi rationnels qu’on l’imagine.

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Participant Homework ? Ask and You Shall Receive

It’s every moderator’s dream – eight articulate, creative and engaged participants sitting around the table. Sure, a well-designed recruitment screener goes a long way, but what other tools do we have in our box to help get participants to “bring it” to the table?

From our experience in moderating and recruiting, the pre-group assignment, (aka homework), is an effective means of getting the job done for all parties involved: recruiter, participant and moderator.

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Potatoe, Potàtoe? : a milk story

Call it a trade bias, but I’m always curious to know what people around me think about brands, products and ad campaigns. So when I recently found myself in the grocery store with my boyfriend and picked up a milk carton, I asked him: “So, did you notice the new packaging for Natrel? What do you think of it? What does it communicate?” “I don’t like it…” he responds, “but it doesn’t matter, anyway” he adds quickly, blocking my next set of questions, “because we never buy Natrel, we buy Lactancia”.

Now, I’m not the type to inventory our fridge every week, but I look in it often enough to be able to tell you with absolute certainty that we do NOT always buy Lactancia, and if I were to look in my fridge right now, there would be 50% chance that the carton would say “Natrel” rather than anything else.

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