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What is the best method to assess clarity in focus groups? Hint: The best question is not: Is this clear?

Clarity assessment is a common objective in focus group testing, and rightly so. Having clients decipher your meaning is never a good starting point. How can you best find out if your message is clear? Different approaches yield varying outcomes.


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Web Panels: How to maximize response validity?

Since panel respondents are offered reward points for their participation, some may be tempted to rush through the questions without regard for truthfulness or validity of their responses.

Web panel providers and market research firms work hand in hand to minimize such behaviour.

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Mesures de satisfaction, gestion des réclamations et fidélisation de la clientèle

Il existe, dans le monde des affaires,  une conviction largement partagée selon laquelle retenir un client coûte moins cher qu'en conquérir de nouveaux. On comprend alors mieux l'engouement de nombreuses entreprises pour les programmes de fidélisation. Or, ces programmes peuvent s'avérer très coûteux et peu efficaces.

Comment faire de ces programmes un succès?

L'un des facteurs clés est la gestion de la réclamation client.

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Happy or not?

My gym has acquired a new apparatus. It is not a training machine.

It's a "feedback device", to help clients rate their overall satisfaction by pushing smiley or "frowny" buttons.

The provider, “Happy or Not” claims to “Create a more satisfied customer” and “Deepen customer loyalty”. ( ).

Does it?


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So Many Reports, So Little Time

Have you ever had a project that required multiple reports in short order? Think...
- One report per region;
- One report per unit or division;
- One report per store;
- One report per wave - tracking studies.

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