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Effortless advertising or how to make your message go around the world... for free

Viral videos have become the holy grail for all companies, organisations and foundations. It’s a low-cost way of getting your message out there, but most of all, it’s a very effective one. However, creating a viral campaign is not an easy task, and very few actually succeed.

So how come “The Ice Bucket Challenge” went around the world so quickly? And more importantly, how can its success be reproduced by others?

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Potatoe, Potàtoe? : a milk story

Call it a trade bias, but I’m always curious to know what people around me think about brands, products and ad campaigns. So when I recently found myself in the grocery store with my boyfriend and picked up a milk carton, I asked him: “So, did you notice the new packaging for Natrel? What do you think of it? What does it communicate?” “I don’t like it…” he responds, “but it doesn’t matter, anyway” he adds quickly, blocking my next set of questions, “because we never buy Natrel, we buy Lactancia”.

Now, I’m not the type to inventory our fridge every week, but I look in it often enough to be able to tell you with absolute certainty that we do NOT always buy Lactancia, and if I were to look in my fridge right now, there would be 50% chance that the carton would say “Natrel” rather than anything else.

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Bien choisir un nom de marque? Le pouvoir des évocations!

Quel nom choisir pour sa nouvelle marque? Les recherches auprès des consommateurs peuvent apporter un éclairage très utile, en autant qu’elles ne tombent pas dans le piège de leur demander quel nom ils aiment ou préfèrent. Cette approche favorise inévitablement des noms descriptifs (qui ont un sens immédiat) et très peu distinctifs. Testé de cette manière, le nom Apple ne serait jamais né. Ce serait dommage non?...

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Qu'est-ce qu'une bonne marque?

Qu'ont en commun Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, IBM et Microsoft? Habituées des places d'honneur, elles figurent au top 5 du classement des meilleures marques mondiales en 2013, selon Interbrand. Mais que leur vaut une telle distinction? En 2013, qu'est-ce qu'une bonne marque?

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