21 March 2024

At Ad Hoc we have just begun celebrating our 40ème anniversary. It goes without saying that our journey would have never been the same without the commitment and expertise of our incredible team. However, we are not the only ones celebrating! Happy 25ème work anniversary to Kimberley Campbell, Vice-President and Partner. As she reflects on her 25 years (and counting!) at Ad Hoc, she wishes to share the following testimony:

Cheers to 25 years young!

From the pioneering days of web surveys to our current leadership in MROCs (Market Research Online Communities) and the exhilarating emergence of AI, I've had the incredible privilege of witnessing the evolution of our industry over the past quarter-century.

It feels like just yesterday when I took the leap with Ad Hoc, saying, "Let's give market research a shot!" Yet here we are, 25 years later, time flying by in the blink of an eye! Who would have thought I'd develop such a deep passion for understanding what drives people and unearthing insights?

Becoming a partner in this remarkable company, known for its dedication to crafting tailor-made solutions, has been an unexpected yet immensely rewarding journey. It's a testament to the talent, commitment, passion, and teamwork of the whole Ad Hoc Team.

As I celebrate my 25th anniversary, I can't help but feel a sense of youthful enthusiasm and excitement for what lies ahead. Here's to a future of continued innovation, growth, and making meaningful connections (and continued back pack adventures off the beaten path!).