5 March 2024

In March 2022, Ad Hoc unveiled its new leadership team and transition strategy. Testimonial from one of the new generation of partners: Kimberley Campbell.
My journey with Ad hoc mirrors my love for travel and discovery!
“As I embarked on my Ad Hoc journey back in 1999, the world of market research seemed as unfamiliar as the remote corners of the world that I have a passion for exploring. However, one thing was clear from the very beginning: Ad Hoc and I shared common values.
Little did I anticipate that this journey would allow me to witness the remarkable evolution in market research over the years and actively engage with a constantly expanding toolbox of insights. In many ways, my encounter with Ad Hoc feels serendipitous, as the passion I've developed for my profession and industry closely mirrors the enthusiasm and curiosity I bring to my travels, where I discover hidden wonders and connect with extraordinary individuals along the way!
Becoming a partner at Ad Hoc isn't merely a personal achievement; it's a commitment to ensure our clients continue to uncover profound insights into their customers' worlds. It's also about cultivating agility, wholeheartedly embracing innovation, and creating a nurturing environment where our team can flourish and grow.
Today, I am immensely proud to stand as part of the next generation of partners, all passionately dedicated to preserving Ad Hoc's tradition of delivering exceptional service and crafting tailor-made solutions. I eagerly anticipate the adventures and possibilities that the future holds for us!”

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