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C'est une question de timing!

Le Super Bowl et les Jeux de Sotchi nous rappellent combien les investissements publicitaires peuvent être coûteux pour les entreprises (4 M$ pour un spot TV de 30 secondes durant le Super Bowl!). Bien sûr, il s’agit là d’un cas extrême, mais devant de tels investissements, un réflexe s’impose : mesurer l’efficacité.

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So Many Reports, So Little Time

Have you ever had a project that required multiple reports in short order? Think...
- One report per region;
- One report per unit or division;
- One report per store;
- One report per wave - tracking studies.

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From Sea to Sea to Sea: Weighing Regional Differences within Canada

People do not see the same things in the same way. They respond differently to stimuli. Gender, age, level of education and experience with products affect perceptions and behaviours. In a large and diverse country such as Canada, area of residence is another critical differentiator. Reactions reflect the specific character of the different parts of Canada.

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