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The next big wave of customers: Generation Z
It is almost as if their life happens in two places at the same time: in their direct physical surrounding and online. For Gen Z though, social media is not virtual or artificial. It is part of reality and it is actually how they communicate with everything, from their friends to the rest of the world, even brands and stores. Read more
How to communicate your employment brand on Social Media
You may be surprised, but your culture can become the best asset for your employment brand! "A company's branding should be an identifier to the company's culture. When an applicant applies for a position, they aren't just seeking a role in the company. They're applying to become a part of the culture." Here are 3 tips to follow to communicate well your employment brand: Read more
Les avis en ligne et la tentation du contrôle

Nous disions, dans un article récent, que les avis en ligne(sur les Trip Advisor et Yelp, de ce monde) sont devenus des sources d’information incontournables dans le processus décisionnel d’achat des milléniaux. Cependant, encore en 2016, les pratiques de certaines entreprises sont douteuses et pourraient, à terme, nuire à la crédibilité que les consommateurs leur attribuent.

La preuve, j’ai récemment reçu un courriel de la part d’une auberge de jeunesse une semaine après avoir réservé un séjour pour mes vacances. Alors que je n’y ai encore jamais mis les pieds, je suis invitée à me rendre sur leur page Trip Advisor et à laisser un commentaire (évidemment positif) afin de courir la chance de gagner un séjour gratuit.

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Luxury for all!

I’ll admit it - I have purse envy.  There’s nothing more frustrating than watching a group of 18-year olds strut the latest Louis or Longchamp.  The curious thing is that more and more of them do!  As a market researcher and avid people watcher, I can’t help but ask myself since when has luxury become so accessible?

Luxury has always been associated with beautiful, hand crafted goods produced in limited quantities and accessible only to the elite of society.  Luxury was the promise of history, of tradition, of quality and symbolized status, a status that the mere mortal could only aspire to attain. 

Today’s marketplace is the realization of what Silverstein and Fiske so eloquently described as “masstige” – prestige for the masses – over a decade ago.[i]  And while you and I (and pretty much anyone else), can now acquire that which was once out of reach, what is the downside for the brand?

Brand dilution is the greatest risk that makers of all things luxury take when deciding to jump on the masstige bandwagon. 

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