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3 scénarios de recherche par texto!
J'ai remarqué depuis quelque temps que je recevais de plus en plus de textos provenant de mes boutiques préférées. Dans la quasi-totalité des cas, ils sont très brefs et le contenu peut se classer en 3 grandes catégories : 1) on m'informe des rabais en cours (YAY!), 2) on m'offre des coupons de réductions (YAY!) ou 3) on m'invite à participer à un sondage. Vous l'aurez deviné, les 2 premiers cas de figure suscitent chez moi un émoi particulier, mais le 3e pique tout de même ma curiosité de chercheuse! Read more
The promises of the ever-growing supplementation industry: harder, better, faster, stronger
Other than a classic of its time, Daft Punk's harder, better, faster, stronger hit song has become a classic motivational anthem for many people: Gym rats and casual joggers, of course, but also young professionals looking to impress their bosses or university students on their straight A path to success. In a world that is ever more performance-driven, there is an industry that aims to give you an edge, to help you in on a little known secret formula to a better you and that is none other than the supplementation industry. Similar to pharmaceutical companies who have a pill to solve any and all itches and illnesses, supplementation distributors promise strength, health, higher brain functions and a stable mood to boot, all in a half cup of magical powder or in a handful of caplets! The promises offered by supplement distributors are numerous and they are, in my opinion, highly effective in our modern world for a few reasons: Read more
De l'importance d'un bon site Web : L'exemple Disney
Depuis maintenant deux mois, mon conjoint et moi planifions un voyage avec les enfants à Disney World. L'ampleur de la planification qui vient avec un projet de cette envergure doit, j'en suis sûre, faire frissonner plus d'un couple bienveillant à la recherche d'un brin de magie à offrir à ses enfants. Planifier un voyage d'une semaine pour deux adultes et deux enfants dans l'un des endroits les plus convoités au monde en quelques clics? Je m'attendais au pire, même en 2016! Dès mes premières recherches sur le Web, j'ai pu constater que des sites entiers sont dédiés à la planification d'un tel voyage : réservations de restaurants, " Fastpass " pour les manèges, places privilégiées pour les feux d'artifice, forfaits de repas et plus encore! Qu'est-ce qui vaut la peine? Comment choisir les meilleures options? Read more

Binging with Frank...

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Binging with Frank...

Last Friday afternoon, my spouse sent me this screenshot of the notifications on his phone:

Just Eat, the online food-ordering service, had sent him a text message urging him to stay home and enjoy a discount on their services.

The message is vague, but to anyone with an (un)healthy addiction to Netflix, the code “FRANK15” is clearly referring to Frank Underwood, the protagonist from House of Cards so expertly played by Kevin Spacey. And as all “binge watchers” know, Netflix released the show’s fourth season that very same day.

 As I mentioned in a previous blog, my spouse is a privacy-conscious man who claims to be impervious to advertising and uses ad-blockers on all his devices… But this one really had him stunned.

Was the ad a bit creepy and invasive? Maybe.

Was it so very relevant and tempting enough that we thought of cancelling our dinner plans? Definitely.

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Local Schmocal?

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Local Schmocal?

Every time I’ve tested products, services or brands in focus groups in recent years, participants have stressed the importance of local products*.

In qualitative research, local companies, brands or products are often preferred over others, and the reasons for gravitating towards these are legion…

  1. Higher quality perception: For example, fruits and vegetables are considered fresher; and Canadian regulations for several types of products (e.g. meats, electronics) are considered stricter than those in our neighbouring countries;
  2. Stimulating the local economy or supporting local producers and artists;
  3. National or regional pride;
  4. For some types of products - clothes, for example - consumers will argue that Canada offers better working conditions to labourers, which they want to support;
  5. Other consumers get their green on, arguing that local products are more environmentally friendly, since they travel smaller distances;
  6. A sense of uniqueness: For example, locally-made clothing is usually created on a much smaller scale than mass-produced items;
  7. Local manufacturers are claimed to be more aware of local needs: Just think of anything that needs to resist our harsh Canadian winters.

It’s very interesting to hear the arguments for local products flow abundantly, but do consumers put their money where their mouth is?

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