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Cultural Differences and Survey-Taking
In a recent qualitative study conducted for one of our clients, we asked participants to rate their satisfaction towards a service on a scale of 1 to 10 (revolutionary, isn't it)? Most answers were between 7 and 9. We repeated the exercise, with the same question and the same topic, but this time exclusively with participants of a specific cultural group. Answers were almost exclusively 5's and 6's. Read more

Come as you are

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Come as you are
A couple of months ago, CoverGirl, the well-known cosmetic company announced as its new spokesmodel a young makeup artist and YouTuber, James Charles, making him the first male spokesmodel for a cosmetics brand. This nomination created a vast wave of reactions on social media, as it was both acclaimed and criticised. I myself was pleasantly surprised, as I value brands that take risks and think outside the box. By taking this stance, CoverGirl contributed to shaking-up of one of the most traditional and longstanding market segmentations: the clear line that divides gender marketing. Read more