28 July 2016

Whip out the bells and whistles because the customers of tomorrow are looking for mind blowing experiences, not just new products. Many a market has come to maturity after years of innovation centered on the products they offered to the consumers. Now, more than ever, customers are seeking life-changing twists that go beyond the products and they’re willing to pay for it.

There are many examples to choose from and there should be even more in the years to come but since we only have a few lines before us, let’s look at a few notable revolutions.

  • Into fitness? If you really want your modern fitness cred you need to enlist in a Spartan race, a boot-camp, a color or a zombie run, to name a few! These thematic runs and obstacle courses blur the line between marathon, work-out and thematic party and bring the experience to a whole new level, justifying a higher entry fee for a one-of-a- kind experience with many brands like Reebok, Nike and more flaring up to the hype to make the most of it all! 
  • Into video games? The gaming industry has been buzzing around virtual reality for a while now but with big players like Sony chiming in with an add-on VR set tethered to their already successful PS4, the revolution appears more and more a reality. Even gamers who already flock to games to lose themselves in imaginary universes are psyched about this long hoped for experience of a virtual reality that actually works, allowing for yet another unique experience. And let’s not forget Pokémon Go’s astounding success! That app is making history with augmented reality mechanics that leave no one indifferent, casual and hard-core gamers alike.
  • Into wine tasting and discovery? This too has benefited from the experiential treatment. While it gained popularity over the years, little events appeared in liquor stores; but nowadays, private restaurants and wine producers are taking the matter into their own hands. You can indulge by attending a trendy party in a spacious wine-cellar or go for a field trip to visit wineries and even get involved in the production process.

Many products in a wide variety of markets have benefited from the experiential treatment and more and more are getting it. Knowing your über fans and the way they already experience your products is one of the ways to develop an experience that will blow their mind and make them love, use and promote your brand even more. So, the only thing left is to ask: what experience can your brand offer to jump on this trend?