UXalliance x Ad hoc

13 October 2023

Ad Hoc Research is proud to announce that it has become the exclusive Canadian partner of UXalliance, a network of experts made up of the world's leaders in the field of user experience (UX). Since its inception in 2005, UXalliance has grown to become the world's largest and most qualified network of user experience experts, operating in more than 90 countries.

Thanks to this alliance, Ad Hoc Research will be able to carry out the Canadian component of international UX research mandates. It will also enable our Canadian clients to validate the user experience of their products and services (physical or digital) intended for international audiences, leveraging expert resources from around the world.

This partnership acknowledges Ad Hoc Research's long-standing expertise and experience in UX research. Furthermore, it ensures that we remain at the cutting edge of global best practices in this field.

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