23 January 2024

In March 2022, Ad Hoc unveiled its new leadership team and transition strategy Testimonial from one of Ad Hoc’s longstanding partners: @Patricia Thomas.

“I'm extremely proud to have been part of this incredible team of seasoned marketing research professionals for over 25 years. When I arrived at Ad Hoc Research, I knew I was embarking on an extraordinary journey, but I couldn't have imagined how rewarding it would be.

Working alongside such talented and passionate colleagues has been a constant source of inspiration. Each of us brings a unique expertise and, together, we have contributed to Ad Hoc's success and reputation. The members of the next generation, including myself, form a winning team that will continue to grow the company, while preserving the values that have won us over from the start.

Marketing research is evolving rapidly, and our ability to anticipate these changes while remaining true to our founding principles is what makes us truly unique. I can't wait to see what the future holds, and I'm convinced that the Ad Hoc Research star will continue to shine brightly!”