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Marie-Christine Bruneau
Come as you are
A couple of months ago, CoverGirl, the well-known cosmetic company announced as its new spokesmodel a young makeup artist and YouTuber, James Charles, making him the first male spokesmodel for a cosmetics brand. This nomination created a vast wave of reactions on social media, as it was both acclaimed and criticised. I myself was pleasantly surprised, as I value brands that take risks and think outside the box. By taking this stance, CoverGirl contributed to shaking-up of one of the most traditional and longstanding market segmentations: the clear line that divides gender marketing. En savoir plus
Le " face-reading ", c'est cette méthodologie hautement technologique dont vous avez le plus de chance d'entendre parler dans une conférence sur le marketing 3.0. L'idée de base est de capter les micro-expressions faciales d'une personne exposée à un contenu vidéo pour déterminer si ce dernier déclenche une des six émotions de base mesurées. L'ampleur et la nature des émotions ressenties permettent de prédire la performance communicationnelle des messages. En savoir plus
L'idylle numérique de la recherche qualitative : la MROC !
Encore à leurs premiers balbutiements lors de notre première expérience en 2012, les communautés en ligne (Marketing Research Online Community ou MROC pour les intimes) sont aujourd'hui des incontournables dans le domaine de la recherche marketing. Pour faire un raccourci simpliste, une MROC c'est l'évolution numérique du groupe de discussion (focus group). Bien entendu, il y a bien des nuances à faire puisque les deux approches ont à la fois des différences et des points communs. En savoir plus
The gentle shift
In a recent article, I described how I came back to physical books after an early-adopting adventure of e-reading that turned sour. Writing about it made me realize that many of the products that I've been an early adopter of for the past few years have not survived the test of time all that well. I was in line to get the first iPad, I eagerly waited for my Fitbit flex when fitness trackers were just a new fad and I bought a Nespresso machine when the technology was still alien to most. I've chosen these three examples because they all ended up the same way... En savoir plus
The promises of the ever-growing supplementation industry: harder, better, faster, stronger
Other than a classic of its time, Daft Punk's harder, better, faster, stronger hit song has become a classic motivational anthem for many people: Gym rats and casual joggers, of course, but also young professionals looking to impress their bosses or university students on their straight A path to success. In a world that is ever more performance-driven, there is an industry that aims to give you an edge, to help you in on a little known secret formula to a better you and that is none other than the supplementation industry. Similar to pharmaceutical companies who have a pill to solve any and all itches and illnesses, supplementation distributors promise strength, health, higher brain functions and a stable mood to boot, all in a half cup of magical powder or in a handful of caplets! The promises offered by supplement distributors are numerous and they are, in my opinion, highly effective in our modern world for a few reasons: En savoir plus