In a recent qualitative study conducted for one of our clients, we asked participants to rate their satisfaction towards a service on a scale of 1 to 10 (revolutionary, isn’t it)? Most answers were between 7 and 9. We repeated the exercise, with the same question and the same topic, but this time exclusively with participants of a specific cultural group. Answers were almost exclusively 5’s and 6’s.

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11 February 2019

The Ad Hoc Research team continues to grow and we are very pleased to announce a brand new addition to our team. This morning, Corinne Morin, data visualisation specialist, joins the Ad Hoc family. Welcome among us!

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30 August 2018

Ma génération est plus forte que la tienne : 5 précautions à prendre lors de l’analyse générationnelleIl est par ailleurs fréquent d’analyser les résultats selon certains groupes d’âge distincts et d’identifier des tendances qui leur sont propres. La segmentation générationnelle est sans contredit porteuse et fait ses preuves dans le marché du marketing depuis les années 80.

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24 July 2018

Lately, sustainability is THE buzzword! To make a real change and have an impact on the purchasing habits of a larger audience, some organisations have understood that the majority of consumers are not ready to change their consumption habits if this involves a considerable loss of enjoyment, even if they are aware of the benefits for the environment. Companies need to counter this loss aversion with an offering that reduces consumption guilt but does not require a huge sacrifice or effort.

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