CATÉGORIES : Sondages Internet, Sondages par panel web
29 juillet 2014

Gamification is coming up as a new trend for data collection, making the experience more enjoyable for the respondent while allowing the researcher to obtain higher quality data. But how does one go about creating this experience?

A game for research purposes is built around two simple criteria:

  1. A game needs rules, that are simple, clear and few.
  2. A game needs a goal that is made explicit from the start and is attainable by all players.

Gamification can be carried out in different ways:

1.  The survey is built as a game, for example:

  • Players are asked to build a product with available tools and resources but with some easy-to-understand constraints; for example, each component has a price and the player is given a certain sum to spend. This exercise reveals which components are essential to him/her.
  • Players must build an empty canvas an image of the brand as they perceive it. A limited number of visuals are provided.

2.  The survey is carried out in parallel to a game, for example:

  • Each response provides a piece of a puzzle which will be completed by the last question. The content of the puzzle is a reward, a piece of information, a brand, a link, etc.
  • Each response informs players of where other players stand, or what they’ve answered.