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15 mars 2019

In today’s job market, recruiters have a lot of issues to find good candidates. They are facing many challenges and labour shortages in many different markets. There is a change and Job seekers have more power than employers. Job seekers are now looking for companies that offer more than a competitive salary or good conditions. They want to be part of a culture, to have similar interests and share your vision, values and goals. They are looking to fulfill themselves professionally and personally. Their job needs to make a sense in their personal life and fulfill their ambition.

You may be surprised, but your culture can become the best asset for your employment brand! “A company’s branding should be an identifier to the company’s culture. When an applicant applies for a position, they aren’t just seeking a role in the company. They’re applying to become a part of the culture.”[1] Here are 3 tips to follow to communicate well your employment brand:

1) Use the power of your current employees relationships at work:

Every single time you post a happy hour or a special event with your co-workers on your company’s Social Medias, you are exposing your culture to all the job seekers that will look at them! Did you know that Facebook is the first place future candidates go to know a little more about your company? This is one of the easiest ways to communicate your employee’s happiness and good moments they share together outside of their working environment. Ultimately, your goal is to show all the positives activities and funny moments at work to get your target audience interested in your enterprise culture!

2) Stay genuine about your company’s culture:

Social Media and job offers that you post on them should represent your company; either it is good or bad. Job seekers want to know more about your company, but it needs to be true: don’t make any promises that you will not follow through with. That is why it is so important to develop your employment brand. For instance, if you’re a lawyer office, don’t promise flexible hours and a great balance between work and family environment when you know that it is not possible for your future employees. For example, ask your own employee’s what they think about a job application and change

3) Personalised the way and the information you communicate depending on the platform users

The first thing to know is that you are not speaking to the same segment depending on the platform. The differences between LinkedIn, SnapChat, Instagram and Facebook users are huge! Inform yourself at first and target the right audience if you want your content to be noticeable and relevant to them. Similarly for your post: the content will influence your choice to put a post on Facebook instead of LinkedIn. If you want to reach professionals for a job offer, LinkedIn is full of workers due to all the relations they can make through this social media. However, if the purpose is to post a Christmas party to reach young students for work experience, Facebook is a better way to get your future employees interested in your job offers.